dual band Repeater 73dB 23dBm

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1800-2100MHz dual band Repeater 73dB 23dBm

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dual band Repeater 73dB 23dBm

Product Description
CRF-DW-F23A dual band repeater is designed with environmental protection and harmonious
humanistic concept. Perfect combination between signal coverage and environmental protection has
been achieved in this repeater. The repeater supports dual band 1800 and 2100MHz. It carries features
like low power consumption, light weight, easy installation etc.
It provides a perfect solution for signal coverage of home, office, elevator, underground parking lot
and other small places.
Product Features

  • Mobile phone APP Bluetooth connection Repeater, Look view or set up Repeater
  • Display shows all parameters very clearly and the button function are more intuitively and faster
  • Support dual mobile communication network
  • Low power consumption, low interference
  • ALC could limit the output power to ensure stable coverage
  • Frequency power display function can keep abreast of real-time signal strength
  • Manual gain attenuation, with 1dB steep to attenuate the gain among 1-31dB range
  • Auto isolation detection and adjustment, AGC auto control, make it install with one button which is much more easier for project setting andquicker for installation and debugging ;
  • Apply for medium and small areas coverage, such as VIP room, meeting room, office, bedroom, apartment, hotel, parking lot and so on.